Investor Cubed provides specialized services to small cap & mid cap public companies. Through years of work in the financial markets, we have built a strong "distribution channel" of key players in Canada and we proactively market our clients to this important audience. As our client companies meet and exceed their milestones, we help take them to the next level of market presence by delivering a variety of services that develop their profile and help create value for shareholders.

Investor Cubed’s success can be traced to our core values:

Integrity + Insight + Intelligence… Implementation

Investor Cubed stands for Integrity, Insight and Intelligence, which translate into precise Implementation of our services and results for our clients and the financial industry professionals.
  • Integrity and trust are key in all of our relationships
  • Insight – gained through considerable market insights as a result of years of combined industry experience
  • Intelligence is what we bring to our clients and financial industry professionals based on market information we gather
  • Implementation is greatly emphasised as we are strongly committed to delivering results