Exposure to the Canadian financial industry
  • We organize and execute roadshow meetings and events targeting investment advisors, investment bankers, research analysts, institutions/fund managers, and other financial professionals from our network of industry contacts.
Proactive marketing campaigns
  • In addition to meeting key industry players, we telephone our database of investment advisors to market clients as well as following up on their announcements to build a community of financial professionals tracking their stock. Developing a robust community following helps a company drive interest in a stock, which ultimately creates buying and improves liquidity.
Corporate Communications
  • We assist clients with all aspects of communication including; news releases; presentations; websites; email distributions; responding to email and telephone inquiries; and other forms of investor and corporate communication.
Access to capital
  • We help our clients meet their capital requirements by providing access to the appropriate players in the financial markets. Whether it involves introductions to investment dealers, institutions and fund companies, investment advisors or networks of high net worth investors - Investor Cubed helps craft the client’s message and arranges an audience with targeted industry players.
Social media and internet-based marketing
  • In addition to proactively communicating with our financial industry networks, we build ‘direct to the investor’ programs for clients. We develop and manage social media communications and marketing programs, as well as recommend and manage internet marketing strategies that we have had previous success with.
Exposure in foreign markets
  • Through the networks we have developed, our clients can access investors in the United States, Europe and Asia.