Investor Cubed provides specialized services to small cap & mid cap public companies. As a trusted partner to our clients, our objective is to help take them to the next level of development in the capital markets. Through accomplishing this, we help create value for their shareholders.

To lead a successful public company, CEOís have to manage two businesses that are intimately linked; one being itsí operating business; and the other itsí stock and capital markets activity. Investor Cubed helps to lead the capital markets activities so that our clients can focus on delivering operational results.

Every client comes to us with a different set of requirements, strengths and challenges. As such, we rely on our experience, industry contacts and sales and marketing strengths to deliver individualized solutions to prepare the company for success.

Taking our clients to the next level requires us to deliver results through a variety of activities, including:
  • Building market awareness and improving liquidity
  • Executing roadshow meetings and events with our financial industry contacts
  • Providing access to capital
  • Delivering introductions to analysts & investment bankers
  • Producing corporate communications and marketing solutions
  • Providing exposure to foreign markets
Most importantly, Investor Cubedís business model is based on trust. We have earned the trust of our financial industry contacts by bringing them good investment opportunities and communicating with them openly and honestly through good times and bad. Our public company clients rely on us as a trusted partner so that together we can provide value for their shareholders.